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Pico Bravo, LLC - Kyler, Mindy, Vince & Landen Bluth - 2013 Star Client - Small Business Development Center @Dona Ana Community College
Pico Bravo, LLC: Vince & Mindy Bluth

Pico Bravo, LLC , an enchilada sauce and salsa manufacturer owned by Vince Bluth and his wife Mindy, is located in La Mesa, New Mexico. The tradition started many years ago when chile harvest on the farm of Rancho Los Apaches was in full swing. Every year since then, the Bluth family gathers to make salsas, and sauces from their home grown chile peppers. Their Mommita was the master chef devoted to creating a large assortment of chile blends that have rich powerful flavors. Since then the family recipes have grown in popularity because of the homemade taste that is unique in the chile industry. By 2010 there was a huge demand from friends and family for their chile creations. With the help of the DACC Small Business Development Center, Vince and Mindy created Pico Bravo in the fall of 2011 and have been growing ever since. “The SBDC was fundamental in helping us start Pico Bravo, obtain compliant nutritional labeling, and in assisting us with a marketing strategy and giving us sound management advice for our business”, says Vince.
Pico Bravo first started selling their sauces at the Las Cruces Farmers Market and was on the shelves of Toucan Market by December, 2011. Most local grocery stores have supported their products and have contributed to their continued success and growth. Within a year they were distributing to over 150 grocery stores - including Albertson’s and Pro’s Ranch Market - across 6 states.
The company was founded on the rich authenticity of Mexican culture and tradition. Pico Bravo specializes in red “Enchilada Style” chile sauce used for popular Mexican dishes like enchiladas, chile Colorado, huevos rancheros, tamales, and menudo, just to name a few. They are constantly working on new chile blends, including green chile sauces and salsas, and will be adding several new products soon. With the increasing demand for freshness and healthy eating, Pico Bravo enchilada sauce is made with fresh red chile peppers combined with other wholesome ingredients. Their ingredients create a homemade style sauce that gives a taste of Mexican tradition.
Most red chile sauces and dried red chile are derived very much the same way throughout the industry, except for Pico Bravo. The standard practice is to send the chiles, once they have turned from green to red, to dehydrators. Taste and quality are lost from the chile through that process. Pico Bravo processes only fresh picked chile to preserve flavor and richness of color in the chile pod, thereby creating a product with superior taste and appeal. Pico Bravo is unique by providing fresh ingredients with no preservatives, gluten free, and no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of its products. Fresh red and green chile throughout the nation is hard to come by. Pico Bravos’ goal is to make its products more available to all chile lovers out there, and to all of those who don’t know what they’re missing!

"Building New Mexico’s Economy One Business At A Time”

IMAGINE having a team of experienced, professional business consultants at your disposal...
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Develop a business plan to start a new business or make an established business more efficient
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Find financial resources and assist in the application process for business loan assistance for Southern New Mexico businesses
Improve your business and management skills through seminars and workshops
Explore business ownership opportunities in Doña Ana & Sierra Counties
Whether you already own a small business or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur,
the Small Business Development Center at the Doña Ana Community College of New Mexico State University can help you climb the ladder of success.
Doña Ana Community College Small Business Development Center is a member of the
New Mexico Small Business Center Network composed of 20 centers across the state.

“A partnership program with the U.S. Small Business Administration”.

Serving Doña Ana County and Sierra County in partnership with Doña Ana Community College

The DACC Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at New Mexico State University offers free workshops and quality counseling and guidance for business owners, prospective owners, and managers. The SBDC is designed with you in mind. Whether you have been in business for some time or are just starting out, we can help you address the multitude of issues and problems you may encounter.

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