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ABC Webinar: Liquor Law Changes Exclusive Webinar

The NEW alcohol rules are here and we know you have questions. Get them answered Sept. 29 @ 3 p.m. Join NMRA and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Director, Andrew Vallejos, to review the new changes to the ABC rules.

  • You will learn about:
  • The new Restaurant B license that allows for spirituous liquor sales in a restaurant,
  • The new NM spirits license for restaurants with beer and wine licenses,
  • The rules and regulations for alcohol delivery in NM, you will learn what’s a howler and what’s a growler,
  • Where and how to apply for these new licenses,
  • What it means to license your entire premises, including more than one structure under the new rules.
  • The rule allowing 18-year-olds to serve in restaurants

and more…

Get your ABC questions answered at this Zoom webinar.