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Divine Wireline Solutions LLC: David J. Macatee

Divine Wireline Solutions LLC was established in November 2013 by David J. Macatee to address the growing needs within southeastern New Mexico and West Texas for wireline perforating, logging, and pipe recovery services. The business utilizes the newest technology and equipment to perform repairs, perforating, logging, and plugging. The services provided by Divine Wireline Solutions LLC support oil and gas production within the Permian Basin.

The road to entrepreneurship began in 1998 as Mr. Macatee learned and worked within the wireline industry. As the industry changed and evolved, so did the skills and experiences of working within the wireline and oilfield industry for Mr. Macatee. Preparing financially to begin his own wireline service took more than 6 months and enabled the company to purchase their first truck though the company needed additional equipment and working capital to begin operations. Three banks and three denied loans later, Mr. Macatee came across the New Mexico Junior College – Small Business Development Center’s workshop “Starting Your Own Small Business”.

From workshop to one-on-one consulting assistance of the NMJC – SBDC, David was able to secure the financing necessary to start his wireline company. Mr. Macatee had this to say “I had what I thought was a very thought out, detailed, and accurate plan, but after being turned down by three banks I was no closer to starting the business. There is absolutely no way I could have accomplished what I have without the help of the Small Business Development Center and Brandon Hunt.”

With the business established and growing, Divine Wireline Solutions LLC has been able to give back to the community through programs such as the Weekend Hunger Initiative, United Way, and church ministries. The business continues to grow and plans to expand business operations in 2015 by adding two additional trucks and hiring additional staff for operations. Divine Wireline Solutions LLC will move forward with the goal of growing to the forefront of the wireline industry, standing out with customer service, providing quality and safe services, and top of the line equipment.