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Bob’s Bodacious BBQ

SBDC @ University of New Mexico – Los Alamos

2016 Star Client

Bob’s Bodacious BBQ selected as Los Alamos Small Business “Success Client of the Year”.

Los Alamos, NM, December 20, 2015 – The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UNM-Los Alamos has selected Bob’s Bodacious BBQ, Restaurant and Catering as the Small Business “Success Client of the Year”.

Bob’s Bodacious BBQ is independently owned and operated by Frank Good and Pam Hushman. Both Frank and Pam assumed ownership of the small business on January 3, 2011, and have focused on delivering a quality product to their clients for 5 years. Their clients include a cross-section of Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists and workers, teachers, and customers who desire authentic barbeque and outstanding face-to-face customer service.

Of particular note is Bob’s Bodacious BBQ Sauce which comes in two versions: the Original Bodacious BBQ Sauce and the Sweet Bodacious BBQ Sauce. Frank and Pam pride themselves not only in the quality of their food, but also the delivery of quality customer service that is part of the value that they offer. Both provide a customized and unique product and focus on the relationship with their clients. “The restaurant industry is very challenging, especially in Los Alamos” says Frank and Pam. “We offer a unique product, and we care about our client’s satisfaction. That makes all the difference in the world,” they both say.

Frank and Pam credit the business expansion assistance that they have received from the Los Alamos SBDC for their success. As Pam stated, “I have been working with Ted Lopez, the Los Alamos SBDC Director, in the utilization of social media tools to grow our catering business. He has been educating us on how we can expand our customer reach at Los Alamos National Labs and the local