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SBDC @ Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell

CP Brannicks manufactures and distributes a patented product called RefreshMint, a natural oral care product that neutralizes and freshens breath.

Grace Miller is the Owner/CEO and directed operations for 12 years before the devastating loss of her son and business partner in 2012 temporarily derailed operations. Miller has been working with NMSBDC and the International Business Accelerator since August of 2013, and has been an extended engagement client ever since- proving herself as an excellent student and a great implementer of strategy. Having received SBDC assistance in 2016 with her Business Plan, Strategic Plan, Marketing and Sales Strategy, and Managing Strategic Investor Relations- Miller’s intense focus and aggressive “top down” marketing and distribution approach is responsible for CP tripling in size this year, and is on track to double again by this time next year – this is a business to watch.

CP Brannicks – RefreshMint is a patent holding exclusive provider of all natural, dentist recommended breath neutralizer products. Based out of her HQ office in Artesia NM, Grace directs manufacturing in Michigan (soon to re-locate to NM), Sales and Distribution from Artesia, and employs three others in addition to herself generating nearly 100% of her annual sales outside of the State of New Mexico making her a valuable Economic Base Business and an asset to the State of New Mexico.