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SBDC @ Clovis CommunityCollege

Future Dairy Service, an electrical, dairy equipment installation and chemical distributor business, provides specialized equipment installation and chemical distribution to the dairy industry throughout eastern New Mexico and west Texas. Not only do they provide proficient work, they also provide knowledge, experience, and trust. As well as installment and electrical services, Future Dairy Service also supports the customer’s requests for chemical purchases, for cleaning and sterilization of equipment and facility.

“The thoroughness and detail the SBDC staff at Clovis Community College provided us was very instrumental to both our beginning success and current expansion. The information helped structure our business and avoid many pitfalls we have seen other businesses fall into. Other business owners who have been n business for a while could be helped by the SBDC.”

The SBDC assisted the Gays with a business proposal in hopes of obtaining financing, compliance with state and federal regulations, and continuous support on running the business. As a result, the proposal was used to start the business without seeking financing. Christopher and Tamila have grown the business beyond the projections. Future plans include working towards becoming the leading dairy equipment and chemical support service in eastern New Mexico and west Texas.