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SBDC @ New Mexico State University – Alamogordo

Located in Alamogordo, New Mexico, General Hydronics provides construction services throughout southern New Mexico focusing on mechanical, plumbing, utilities and concrete services.

With well over 50 employees, General Hydronics, Inc. is a true New Mexico small business success story. For 30 years, the business has survived and thrived in spite of several economic downturns. A strong work ethic, good reputation and guaranteed quality work has ultimately lead to the expanding and growing company it is today.

The owners, Shannan Wright and David Caraway, take pride in their work which has led to their loyal customer base. They have both been working in the construction industry since the early 1980s. Shannan, newly enlisted in the military, was relocated to Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo. Finding himself with some extra time on his hands, he found a second job doing construction work for Polson & Grady. It was there that he met David and the two formed a working relationship that would last a lifetime. In an interesting twist of fate, Shannan and David married the Grady sisters, Tammi and Kathi, making them brothers-in-law. In 1986, Mr. Grady (of Polson & Grady) founded General Hydronics, Inc.

When Mr. Grady retired in 2000, Shannan and David purchased both companies. The company’s work history includes experience with schools, military installations, farms, and government agencies, as well as residential and commercial work. As an environmentally friendly company, General Hydronics utilizes green business practices. They offer “one-stop shopping” for construction jobs, providing efficient and convenient services for their customers. These services include complete building services, excavation and clearing, installation of utilities, plumbing and HVAC work.

Shannan explained, “Working with the SBDC is a fantastic experience. We are very satisfied every time we call for assistance with something or if it’s just being informed about workshops and events, they are extremely helpful.”

Recently the company transitioned into three divisions, allowing for improved efficiency and better management practices. A third-generation company, General Hydronics is committed to family. Shannan is active in local business groups, his church, and with Holloman AFB. Both David and Shannan have a history of coaching local youth sports teams. As the business grows, the owners and the entire General Hydronics team continue to mentor others and have a positive impact on their community.