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SBDC @ University of New Mexico – Los Alamos

Northern New Mexico Stump Grinders, LLC was created from the vision of two brothers Aaron and Ryan. Their business offers tree maintenance and removal services, stump grinding and removal, as well as tree removal, tree chipping, tree/shrubbery disposal and lawn aeration through the use of heavy equipment. Aaron and Ryan had no prior knowledge of owning a business and everything it involves. Before acquiring the business, the brothers turned to the Small Business Development Center at UNM – Los Alamos. Consulting with Ted Lopez, and then working on plans and research, Aaron and Ryan were enthusiastic about pursuing their business venture.

“Ted, Anne Lantrip and the rest of the staff at the Los Alamos SBDC were instrumental in our decision to pursue our dream of being business owners.” Ted combined the experience the brothers have gained as local firefighters with the demands of the local market. The knowledge and expertise from SBDC allowed the brothers to pursue their dream of being business owners.

Since beginning operations in May 2016, Northern New Mexico Stump Grinders, LLC creates defensible space to offer peace of mind that properties and communities are protected from the risk of wildland fires. The stump grinding and removal can also prepare the area for landscaping and the company offers clean-up of the area, haul-away of the mulch/debris, and rehabilitation of the area (planting of new tree(s) and/or flowers). Support from the community has been exceptional. Within the next year, the brothers plan to expand the business into other areas of northern New Mexico, set up contracts with local HOAs and real estate companies, and identify potential state and federal grants to pursue. Both are involved in their communities as firefighters with the Los Alamos County Fire Department. Aaron is also an adjunct instructor for the Fire & Science Program at UNM Los Alamos.