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Valencia Flour Mill

SBDC @ University of New Mexico – Valencia

2016 Star Client

Valencia Flour Mill, located on 74 Mill Road, in Jarales, New Mexico, was started by José Cordova in 1914 (101 years ago), was passed down to his son Arturo Cordova, and is now owned and operated by Arturo’s son, the junior José Cordova and wife, Kathy Cordova. José and Kathy Cordova took over the mill in 1988, restoring the vintage XXth Century Mill and S. Howes and Co. Flour Packer to its original glory. The junior José Cordova attended Kansas State University, graduating with a B.S. in Milling Engineering, and worked for 21 years as a Process Engineer for the 3M Company. Kathy has a background in communications, working in public relations for the Marine Corp as an officer. Together they successfully operate the mill at today’s food manufacturing license standards.

The Cordova’s produce a medium gluten, unbleached flour from irrigated red winter wheat, grown in Northwestern New Mexico. Knowing that they couldn’t compete in the mainstream flour market, Mr. and Mrs. Cordova found their niche in “just add water” mixes. They produce Valencia Sopapilla Mix, Valencia Fry Bread Mix, and Valencia Blue Corn Muffin and Pancake Mix in 5lb and 25lb sacks. These mixes are made with the highest quality ingredients and promise ease of use, reliability, zero Trans Fats, and a healthy, traditional taste. Valencia Mill has had success targeting the food services industry, with many of their products being featured in local restaurants.

The Cordovas have been working with the Small Business Development Center at the University of New Mexico- Valencia since February of 2004, seeking advice on marketing and general business operations. Since then, they have transformed their business from a small mill, producing traditional tortilla flour, to a flourishing business that distributes traditional New Mexican food in the form of “just add water” mixes. Surprisingly, the Cordova’s are able to produce 300,000 lbs. of product per year, with only one additional employee. This certainly speaks to the efficiency of the 101-year-old mill. José is still devoted to the community, offering tours of the mill on Fridays.

“Chris, our SBDC advisor in Los Lunas, guided me through technical hurdles
with my new Windows 10 program so I could keep up with current marketing
plans and explore government procurement using SBDC’s links.”

-Kathy Cordova, Owner, Valencia Flour Mill, Jarales, New Mexico