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SBDC @ New Mexico State University – Grants

Gilbert and Anne Martinez had always dreamed of owning their own business. Gilbert had worked in the oil refinery industry for 25 years and was looking for a different career. The owner of Cooper Tires in Milan, Mrs. Cooper, was frequently asking Gilbert to buy her business, so the Martinez went to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at NMSU Grants to see what it would take to own a business and how to go about buying a tire shop. Ms. Gerrie Ortiz sat down and advised them on purchasing and operating a business – as a result, Victory Lane Tires and More was born and two and a half years later, they are still in business.

When the Martinez’ purchased Cooper Tires from Mrs. Cooper in 2014, business was slow, inventory was low, and the equipment was old. Since then, business has tripled and they have made improvements to the business with the installation of three new garage doors, new tire machines, balancers, alignment machines, lifts, an increase in inventory, as well as a new bathroom for their clientele. They have a good reputation in the community and are proud that Victory Lane Tires is recommended by their customers.

“I had a lot of questions on how to start and run a business, employees, taxes and just what things I might run into along the way. I really did not know what to expect, but Ms. Ortiz made me feel comfortable and the SBDC has been a great resource. We started our business with only one employee and now we have three” stated Gilbert. “We plan to be around for a long time and with the help of the SBDC and the community, we will continue to grow.”