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Kristin Groves

Kristin Groves is a Business Advisor at the Albuquerque Small Business Development Center, SBDC at Central New Mexico Community College, CNM.  She is a native New Mexican and grew up in an entrepreneurial family as her Grandfather owned and operated Groves Archery. She has been with the SBDC since 1999. Kristin is passionate about working with small businesses and assisting them toward economic prosperity. 

Kristin earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication from the University of Phoenix. She has vast experience in business management, marketing, and business planning. She is also well-versed in basic bookkeeping, business ethics, social media, sales, and legal and tax information. Kristin actively engages in professional development opportunities as she believes it is a key to success. 

Over the years Kristin has participated with several groups including the Small Business Information Education Council, the National Association of Women Business Owners, and with SBA’s Emerging Leaders Program. She has also participated in multiple strategic planning sessions with the New Mexico Small Business Development Center, NMSBDC and the CNM Workforce Training Center.  In addition, Kristin has been a past chair and vice chair of the Marketing Council within the NMSBDC.  Kristin was awarded the 2004 Estrella Excellence Award from her peers through the NMSBDC Network.

Kristin works diligently assisting clients in pursuing their business endeavors.  Clients have commented on how organized, knowledgeable, and encouraging she is as a business advisor. i.e. “Kristin was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She gave me concrete, actionable information with clear steps on how to proceed afterwards. I’m very thankful for her help.”  “I could tell Ms. Kristin Groves truly cares about my success and made me feel she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure my success.”