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Trish Livingston

Trish Livingston is the Director of the Alamogordo Branch of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Trish is a native New Mexican and has lived in Alamogordo for over twenty years. She specializes in Information Technology, Finance, Manufacturing, and Marketing.

Trish received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University and her Master’s in Business Administration from Eastern New Mexico University.

Trish has previous experience as a process flow engineer, workforce planner, and as a systems engineer, where she provided technical and education support to small business customers. In addition, she has experience in management, human resources, project management and billing. She has been deeply involved in her husband’s consulting engineering firm by focusing on marketing, financial management, and human resources. Trish has also been an adjunct instructor at NMSU – Alamogordo. Trish enjoys being able to help people better their lives through her service to them at the SBDC, and has worked one-on-one with clients, by providing encouragement and assistance with financial decisions, marketing analysis, and creating both employee manuals and business plans.